Here at Signa, we're committed to bringing the very best of Android design - the creme de la creme, if we may - into the limelight. If we had undertaken this endeavor before the turn of the decade, the task at hand would've been less complex. However, the Android design community has grown by leaps and bounds, and to match its growth, every two months we hold a competition to find the best designers, and the winner is automatically entered into the annual competition - way better than just handpicking a few people at the end of the year, right?

2015 — Winners results

  • September – October


  • July – August

    Lydia Selimalhigazi

    "The purpose of design is to make people's lives easier, better and more beautiful all at the same time."

  • May – June

    Swapnil Chitnis

    "Designs aren't just made. They're brainstormed."

  • March – April

    Michael Cook

    "A good icon is like a seed. Everything important is packed inside to give you a vision of the tree."

  • January – February

    Riza Selçuk Saydam

    "Design Won’t Save The World. But it damn sure makes it look good."

So come be a part of this contest. Participate in the contest by having at least four designs posted on our website, or if pushing pixels isn't your thing, help the community reach a decision by casting your vote in favor of your favorite designer!

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