Community guidelines


Be a person, not a blank page

Upload an avatar, add your location and description to your profile. No one likes a community of ghosts. Let the community know where you're from, get discovered by others in your area and tell the community who you are and what you do so they can get to know you as a designer.

Avatar Dimensions

150 x 150 px (minimum 80 x 80 px) - Professionals Banner: 440 x 228 px


Own your work

Signa is a platform for sharing your own creative work — not for uploading or sharing other people's that you like. If you want to show your appreciation for someone else's work, you can leave them a positive comment, or you can promote their work via social sharing sites. If they aren't using Signa, invite them to join us. But please don't upload other people's work into your own portfolio. Your work need not be finished or polished, but strive to make it interesting and relevant to the community.

Don't post inappropriate content

Signa aspires to be a welcoming and inclusive community. It goes without saying, illegal, offensive, racist, adult, or other questionable content does not belong here.

Add a description

When uploading designs, include interesting descriptions of your own work. When composing posts and comments, being detailed is important, and please put a healthy amount of effort into your writing. If you want feedback on your designs, explain your work and what type of feedback you're looking for. Don't just post a design without comment and expect to get comments back.

Tag your designs

Tags are a great way of allowing other members to find your work quickly. Don't forget to tag and use those provided by Signa.

Image dimension

Square images work best. To keep your Android design presentation clean, to bring uniformity to the Signa community.
Download our Signa design wrapper (.psd) Here


Get talking, give feedback

Feedback is the most important part of improving your work and helping other's improve thiers. When commenting on other members' work, make it meaningful. If you add value to others' work, they're more likely to be interested in yours. Don't post empty comments like 'good work' or 'love it', just like the post instead.


Signa branding

We've made a brand package for you to link Signa to your work and/or promote your profile.
Download our Signa brand package (.psd) Here or our Signa icon (.psd) Here


Improve the guidance

We want to keep this page relevant. If you have suggestions or comments please don't hesitate to let us know at support[at]signa[dot]li

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