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I think it's safe to say that you know how to add 2 numbers... Everyone does. Its the most basic thing there is in mathematics. Taught in the lowest class and used everyday, some people even make a living adding numbers!

What's this game?
It's called "Sum".

Google Play -

Short Description:
Sum is a unique game which deals with adding two numbers in the correct sequence to form a sum, in a limited amount of time. It consists of a 3x3 board and lots of colorful tokens. Tap them in the correct sequence and you win 3 seconds, and if you're wrong - you'll lose 5 seconds.

Other unique features:
Honestly, you got try to Sum to understand why it's so unique.
However, these are a few important things to keep in mind -
☆ Sleek and nice looking UI.
☆ Google Play Game Services support, compete with friends too!
☆ Small size.
☆ Different levels of difficulty.
☆ Statistics to see how you're doing.
☆ Does not require internet connection to play.
☆ No ads.
☆ No permissions at all.


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