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I've been pondering a super barebones game idea and finally got around to putting together some mockups. This is just my first draft and there are a lot of things for me to figure out.

I started by taking a classic RPG and then throwing everything away but the bare minimum: You start the game and immediately a little monster drops into the scene. You have only two options. Fight or flight. A swipe across the screen initiates an attack and the probability-based battle plays itself out in a matter of seconds. You lose some HP, gain some XP, and the monster perishes. A new little monster drops into the scene and you start over. Maybe this time chance has it that an alarmingly fierce monster has appeared. The landscape sinks to red to indicate the danger. Maybe you're too low on health to risk it. A swipe down initiates an escape. You still lose a bit of HP as you flee, but way less than if you had fought, and you gain no XP but you live to fight again. And the next fight is manageable. You defeat the monster and the XP you gain tips you over the edge. You level up and your HP is restored (as well as increased). You're now ready to speed through another series of little monsters until your inevitable demise.


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