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What our members say

  • Alexander Oprisnik

    Android developer

    "Great apps need a great design. Sharing ideas as well as getting feedback and inspiration is very important for creating awesome applications."

  • Anatasof Wirapraja

    Digital product designer

    "The most important part for an operating system is thirdparty app, User Interface, and User Experience. With ‘Playground is Open’ your creation is only limited by your imagination."

  • Chris Basha

    Android Design Consultant

    "Whether you're designing an app and you're looking for some inspiration, or you just want to see how much Android design has advanced, is the place you're looking for! It's a place where Android designers share their work and overflow with inspiration."

  • Faiz Malkani

    UI/UX Designer and Android/Frontend Developer

    "The Android community has grown exponentially and has become a paramount location for its designers to inspire and get inspired. The kaleidoscope of designs ranging from interfaces to iconography is a panacea for all things Android Design and I'm beholden to Kowalski for creating this excellent platform."

  • Jovie Brett Bardoles

    IT Student

    "It's a great place to find very inspiring works! Meeting a Developer and a Designer's needs to form a responsive user experience!"

  • Juergen Lang / derlang

    Software engineer and game developer

    "It's great to have a platform where developers and designers can share their ideas and get inspiration from others."

  • Michael Cook

    Designer at Agora Labs, Inc.

    "Signa was and continues to be a pioneering showcase for the rise of high quality design in the Android world. There was a time when design on Android was woefully undervalued and the ecosystem as a whole has deeply benefited from champions of style like Signa."

  • Omar Tosca

    Digital Product Designer at 23 design

    "So many places around but a few with curated designs around the world like Best place for get inspiration and ways to understand how Android Design evolves within the community."

  • Riza Selçuk Saydam

    Product Designer at Facebook

    "Signa is the excellent online resource for latest Android designs to be inspired and inspire at the same time. At here, we're learning from each other and extending our design skills."

  • Shiva Narrthine

    UI/UX Designer, co-founder of Betaas

    "Signa is a great platform for Android designers to showcase their work and be part of the Android design community. It also encourages more designers and developers to improve their Android app UI."

  • Swapnil Chitnis

    Aspiring graphic designer and software developer

    "Despite being siblings, development and design rarely go hand in hand. This website is here to fix that. It is a platform for both worlds to inspire one another."

  • Taylor Ling

    Professional Android Designer, UX/Design Google Developer Expert (GDE)

    "It always great to see people exchange idea by sharing their work - and in this case, will be focusing on Android UI inspiration, so Android Designers/Developers, let's grow this community!"

  • Walmyr Carvalho

    Android developer and UI designer

    "It's awesome to have a community focused on Android UI and iconography, it shows that Android has it own user base and design flavours, and it's awesome to see designers and developers putting a lot of great work on the table, it helps other professional to follow what's new in terms of design for the little robot."

  • What our visitors say

  • Adobe Edge Inspect Team

    Simplifying mobile web development workflows

    "An excellent resource for everyone doing on Android mobile design. A great collection of Android UI design."

  • Smashing Magazine

    Useful and innovative information to Web designers and developers

    "A growing resource dedicated to Android UI Design."

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